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How to remove a tan

How to remove a tan

Beautiful tan makes the figure more toned and gives the face a well-groomed appearance. He can hide small defects, dry pimples.

However, in this case, you can overdo it.

Sometimes brown tan becomes saturated and-black look is not very attractive.

In this case, do not lose heart, normal skin tone and you can return home.

You will need

  • Bleaches, St. John's wort extract and body scrub.



Hot tub with an extract of St. John's wort can help the skin to relax, as well as reduce the bit rate a tana. However, this method has its pitfalls. The fact is that after too many water treatment a tan It may get stained, and this will only worsen the overall appearance.


After the bath, it is desirable to exfoliate dead skin cells with a stiff sponges or scrub. Many women find that once a tan It can be washed off. However, this is misleading. Melanin, which is responsible for darkening of the skin, is produced exclusively in the deep layers of the skin. Therefore we hope that the skin greatly brighten, it is not necessary after these procedures.


After skin properly cleaned, it can be applied to bleach. Excellent properties of this kind have a lemon, cucumber, as well as dairy products.

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