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How to remove a second computer system

How to remove a second computer system

After reinstalling the operating system may remain different "tails" of the old version or all of the previous OS entirely.

This usually occurs if prior to installing not format the partition, or when the new OS is installed on another partition, previously containing system.

In any case, from the need to get rid of old versions, since they can slow down the performance of your computer and prevent it from working properly.

You will need

  • CCleaner, FreeSpacer or another program to clean the registry, other PC administrator account



Turn on your computer and run the new versionoperating system. If the new operating system is no different from the previous one and you have installed it on the same partition as the best way out - to reinstall the OS again, pre-formatted partitions. Otherwise, you must manually delete all files and directories that contain information about past user. It is the Users folder or "Users".


Clean the registry. To do this, it recommended to use special programs.


If the OS was installed on another section, find the Windows folder, Program Files and Users, and remove them. If you do not go to access files from your computerThen insert your hard drive to another computer, run it on the system and remove all the unnecessary files.


Sometimes after reinstalling Windows 7 appearsproblem with access to files and directories. In this case, you need to put the permission to access or change the owner. To do this, open the properties of the directory, go to "Security" tab, click "Change" and allow your user to all actions.

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