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How to remove a scratch on the car

How to remove a scratch on the car

Scratches on the car - one of the most common injuries.

If you do not want to spend money and to repair the car in the cabin, you will be interested to know how to remove scratches on the car yourself.

Immediately it should be clarified that the self can only remove small scratches. They usually appear in the contact body with tree branches, small stones or fragments of asphalt.

The very first thing you can try toeliminate scratches on the car - it is polished. To select the appropriate tool, it is recommended to contact the seller consultant. The specialist will tell the best option. Apply the polish to be intense in a circular motion. To fix the effect of the operation, it is possible to cover the place of repair wax.

Manufacturers of accessories and components forvehicles for several years produce special pencils. They can be used as a scratch, not only walked on the surface, but also made it to the ground. specialized corrective sets also exist. But they are useful for a wide scratches.

If the damage appeared long ago, and the metal aroundbegan to rust, experts recommend to repaint the affected area with the use of anti-corrosion primers. If you just close up scratching the paint, the rust will spread over the area of ​​the car that will cause significant damage to the car body.

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