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How to remove a ripple

How to remove a ripple

To work effectively on the computer, you must properly configure the user interface.

If you work at a snowy screen, the consequences for your eyesight can be catastrophic.

To negate the negative effects on the eyes, the ripple must be removed.



Change the refresh rate of the monitor screen. To do this, turn on the computer. Right-click on the field "Desktop" in any place (but not on the "Start" icon and the "Taskbar and Menu). ": Display Properties" window appears. Select the "Advanced" tab and activate it by clicking on it twice mouse cursor. You will see an additional window "Properties: monitor connection module." On top of the tab, select "Monitor" and activate the mouse.


Next, in the "Monitor Settings" section, put"Check box" in "Hide modes that this monitor can not be used." It will not display a screen refresh rate that is not supported by your monitor. Remember that the choice of frequency, is not supported by your monitor can lead to the conclusion of an unstable picture or equipment failure.


Select "Monitor refresh rate" andsee the available frequency range that your monitor supports. Select the highest value from all available. Click "OK" or "Apply" in the lower right corner of the window. The system takes you to the window "Display Properties" and your chosen settings will be applied. Restart the computer. Do not choose Safe Mode.


In addition to changing the screen refresh ratemonitor and adjust the monitor resolution. Remember that properly selected display resolution not only increases productivity, but also helps to reduce the negative impact on your vision. To set a higher resolution of your monitor connection module must maintain certain characteristics. In the "Display Properties" in the lower left corner of the get message "Screen Resolution" and set it to the maximum possible. Click "OK" or "Apply" and restart your computer.

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