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How to remove the mailbox on the mail. ru

How to remove the mailbox on the mail. ru

Ironically, sometimes create a mailbox is much easier than to remove it.

If you want to get rid of the mailbox on the mail.ru service, know that it is much easier than it might seem.

Log on

you can delete the mailbox onlyIf you are in the system. Simply put, before the procedure to remove the need to go to your mail. If your home computer or mobile device you are using a program-mailer, you must go to www.mail.ru site and logging in there. Once you have logged in to your mailbox, click on the "help", it is located on the toolbar in the "More" button next to the "contacts", "file", "theme", etc.

Find and destroy

Clicking on "Help", you will be automaticallyredirected to the associated service mail ru, specially designed to answer questions and resolve contentious problems - "ru help mail." By the way, in addition to information on how to remove your mailbox, you will find here a lot of useful location service. Deleting mail - a question which is in the list of most frequently asked, so you can easily find it on the main page of the service in the main menu. In that case, if there are difficulties, you can use the search engine provided by the system. He will bring you to the desired page.

You are well thought?

So, once you have found the desired item,safely click on the link and the system will redirect you to myself, where the mailbox can be deleted. Actually, the more you just need to follow the instructions - intervfeys designed to remove the box is quite simple and does not require any skills. The only thing you should think - the reason for which you want to delete your mailbox forever. Oddly enough, the developers are very interested in this issue, so you have to answer it - otherwise it will not work to remove.

Give up many

And one more thing. Using the mail to the service mail ru, you might not guess that it is associated with a variety of related services that you use constantly. These are photos, videos, "answers mail ru", as well as easy access to classmates. If you are dealing in "my world" social network or use a mail agent for correspondence - it will also have to forget. Together with the removal of your mailbox all the creature comforts you are no longer available. It is worth noting that the service itself ru mail service also warns about this in the removal process.

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