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How to remove a double chin for a week

How to remove a double chin for a week

Second chin - a characteristic feature of many modern people. It occurs when a person has excess fat mass, which accumulates in the lower part of the face.

Get rid of it in a short time is difficult, but there are several tools to help remove the double chin for a week.

Conventionally, all the methods of struggle with the second jaw are divided into 3 groups:

  • gymnastics litsa-
  • face massage-
  • face masks.

To remove the double chin for a week, it is necessary to use methods from each group. Only a combination of all three funds will give a significant result, which will help a person look prettier.

If we talk about the gym, there are some effective exercises:

  1. Walking with a book on his head. This exercise will not only help get rid of double chin, but also greatly improve posture.
  2. Raising the head. Imagine that your chin is suspended load. Slowly lower your head down and throws up. Exercise should be performed 3 sets of 15-20 times.
  3. Lie on the floor and hands behind his head zaprokinte. Taking a deep breath, lift your head off the floor and look at the tips of your toes about 30 seconds. After the return to the starting polozheneie. The effect will be, if you repeat steps 3-4.

Remove the second collections for the week, and with the help of massage. To do this, you need people who can carry out the procedure:

  • put the cream on the neck and podborodok-
  • smooth fingers massaged part from the center to the krayam-
  • Chips and tapping edge of his hand.

Consolidate the results will help the mask, for example,yeast. For its preparation you need to mix 1 tbsp yeast with a few cups of warm milk. The resulting mixture should be left in place to warm up for 30 minutes. Apply the mask to half an hour, then rinse with warm water.

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