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How to remove a cat post

How to remove a cat post

Cat (from the English "cut" - «cut») - the reduction of the text messages in the blog before the announcement.

On different platforms for this operation use different HTML-tags.

However, there are a versatile way to clean the text of a cat, using the visual editor form.



On the blog-platform, open the page to create a new message. Set the "visual editor" mode. Enter the text of the announcement, and the full text article. Then, select the text you want to hide.


Find the button "Box" at the top panel. Button may look different, generally depicted therein cut page. The illustration shows you how she looks on LiveJournal platform. Click on it.


In the resulting dialog box, type the word,that will be displayed after the announcement. Clicking on it opens the full article by default may be the phrase: "Next," "Read more" or similar. Please note that the disclosure of the full text of the word disappears. So, if you want to make a link to the full article last word of the announcement, duplicate it after kata.


At the same time most bloggers preferuse HTML-tags, although to some extent it's a little more complicated. Remember all tags optional, the more the Internet is full of resources encyclopedic sense, storing HTM-tag number of decorations for blog (insert pictures, using tables, the use of colored frames and selections for text). One such resource is specified in the annex to the article, but there is no longer listed on the tags for kata blogging platforms except ZhZh.Uznat tag for another platform is not difficult. Type the text in the visual editor, use the special button "Box". Then click «HTML-mode" or "Source" (the name varies depending on the resource, the essence remains). Typing a message will open in the appropriate mode.


Kata Tags are displayed in front of the phrase "Readcontinue "or similar and end after the crop fragment. If desired, copy them and save as a separate file. Later, you can use them in the design of a new message.

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