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How to remove a brake drum

How to remove a brake drum

Regulation of the engineering works on seasonal maintenance, provides for inspection of the brake linings.

And if access to the front pads is facilitated, for the inspection of the rear on the car VAZ 2106 is required to remove the rear brake drum.

You will need

  • Wrench 13 mm
  • jack,
  • key for wheels.



To perform this operation you need to set the car on a level surface. Then, by using the jack rear end is mounted on a suitable support, after which the wheel is removed.


Next on the brake drum unscrewed two guide pins, intended both for attaching them, diametrically opposite.


Shifted to 90 degrees from the mounting holespins, you will find two threaded holes intended for screwing them in two M8 bolts which are used as stripper brake drum


These bolts must be screwed in turn, felt the increase in load required to switch to another screwing bolts.
Once the bolts are fully will twist, comes off the drum from the axle shaft.

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