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How to let go of the situation

Living in a constant race to meet someone elseinvented ideals, experience, infinitely improve themselves and everyone around - is catastrophically hard as well as constantly worrying about the uncertain future or problems whose solution is now unclear.

Release the situation - how is it?



Council "to let the situation" can be heardoften. At the same time they say: "Relax, do not fuss, let things go on as usual." And the share of pragmatism in it, but ... If the problem is relevant to humans, it gnaws at him, everything reminds us of it, and can be a long time to fall asleep and wake up with only one thought: how to get that done. In this case, the energy goes more on the experiences and "running in circles", but to pull himself together, to stop and just do not think a man can not. So what do they mean when they say - "let the situation"?


Unfortunately, the level of empathy developed not at allgood enough. Saying "let the situation" on the part of the source and can see the redundancy of your feelings, but not be able to or do not even try to get in your state to understand its causes, imbued with your pain. By and large, it is still, and perhaps their own plans for the coming dinner take it much longer. But what do you do?


Besides being the most casus, which you socare in your life sure there are many other cases, problems and events. Take care of them, think about them, do not let yourself become limp in a pool of their own fears and insecurities. Let it be even the smallest everyday task - make them as if at the moment it does not matter anything else, with full dedication.


But to brush off the problem, of course, justwill not work: a long time without finding the resolution, it can wear down you cause a nervous breakdown or even insanity. If you think that the deal with the situation yourself you can not, ask for help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. Shame in that nothing - on the contrary, it is now even considered fashionable.


If you are sure you'll be able to understandconfidence and to curb their feelings, begin to work on himself in this direction. Describe the situation as you see it, as well as their emotions and feelings. Can you imagine if this, if you are telling all this to a friend, who understands you. Include a domestic parent who accepts you for who you are, you fully support and want to help you. Tell him to paint what happened, as if the child hurt his finger complained mom or dad.


Next, turn on the positive thinking and approachsolving problems creatively. Begin to think out for themselves the possible options to resolve the situation, it is possible, even the most fantastic. So your brain is engaged in business and will not be idle (and oh, how it is difficult for him), attention will no longer be in the negative and in a positive way. In addition, your imagination might break out so much that it even amuse you, or at least calm.

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