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How to relax your shoulders

How to relax your shoulders</a>

Working in the office at the computer sitting in one position adversely affects the posture. Strongly straining cervical vertebrae, there is a pain in the back.

Exercises to relax the shoulders will help to relieve fatigue during or after a day's work.



The main goal of relaxation of the shoulders is to get rid of unpleasant sensations and overstrain in the upper part of the trunk, back, neck, head, warming the hands and Shoulders. During work, even sitting, muscles are strainedFor an unnaturally long time. To properly relax and achieve the desired effect, you need to learn to determine which part of the body has accumulated tension. Due to the fact that people sitting in front of the computer, often slouch, it is Shoulders Take on the maximum voltage.Exercise for relaxation of the shoulders refers to exercises from the course of therapeutic physical training. Before you start it, bring the body into a steady state, do not swing from side to side. From the area of ​​the shoulder blades, gradually begin to stretch out your hand. Gradually relax your upturned arm, but try not to bend it at the elbow.


When you are ready to start the exercise, acceptStarting position: lying on a hard surface, bend your knees and spread your legs on the width of your hip. Pull the neck up. Also, you can place a thin, relatively hard pillow under your head, depending on how you would be more comfortable doing the exercise. Lying on your back, raise your hands up to the ceiling and hold them over your shoulders.


Proceed to action. When you inhale, pull your right arm up. The blades must come off the floor or the surface on which you are lying. Pull the entire hand, starting from the shoulder and ending with the tips of each of the fingers. On exhalation, relax your right arm, but do not lower it to the floor. However, the blade should still fall to the floor or to a hard surface. After performing this action with the right hand, repeat the same for the left hand, and 10 times alternately.


After you have performed 10 repetitions on each of the hands, stand up, walk 2-3 minutes, making circular turns with your shoulders forward, then back, or vice versa.

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