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REST on the islands of Greece. Crete


Rest on the islands of Greece. Crete</a>

Do not know where to go to rest, pay attention to the country of Hellenes - Greece.

The Balkan peninsula is washed by four seas, there is where to buy and sunbathe.

The brightest star in this tourist eden shines the island of Crete.

Crete is an amazingly beautiful island, it sharesThe Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and crosses the border between Africa, Europe and Asia. Four thousand years ago the ancient civilization of the world originated here - the Minoan civilization. Until now, the remains of palaces have been preserved, as confirmation of the greatness of the brilliant civilization.

Crete has a tourist infrastructure,To relax travelers and guests created excellent conditions. A unique nature with warm waters of the seas, picturesque gorges, cozy bays with azure clear water is attractive for tourists. In Russia, singing drips, the first snowdrops make their way, and on the island at the end of April the swimming season is already beginning.

Crete is rich in sights, monumentsAntiquities and culture, as well as hospitable, benevolent people. Every year millions of tourists from all over the world come here, visit the palaces of Crete and monuments to Minoan kings, amazing in aesthetics and architecture. It was here that the myths arose about Tessa, who killed the Minotaur, the beautiful Ariadne and her guiding thread, Dedale and Icarus.

Excursions are organized on the islandGuests with local traditions. Incendiary Cretan dances, performed in folk costumes for national music, are a delightful sight. The island of Crete promises a wonderful vacation, fascinating travel, sunny paradise. Getting to heaven is simple and inexpensive.

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