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Relax on the Greek islands. Crete

Holidays in Greek Islands. Crete

You do not know where to rest, pay attention to the country of the Greeks - Greece.

The Balkan Peninsula is washed by four seas, is where to swim and sunbathe.

The brightest star in this tourist Eden shines Crete.

Crete amazingly beautiful island, he sharedThe Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and the border between Africa, Europe and Asia. Four thousand years ago, there arose the oldest civilizations in the world - Minoan. To this day preserved remains of palaces, as proof of the greatness of a brilliant civilization.

In Crete, developed tourist infrastructure,for leisure travelers and offers excellent conditions created. Attractive to tourists with the unique nature of the warm waters of the seas, picturesque gorges, cozy coves with azure clear water. In Russia, sing dripping, the first snowdrops are punched, and on the island for the swimming season begins in late April.

Crete is rich in sights, monumentsantiquities and culture, and hospitable, friendly people. This year, millions of tourists come from all over the world to visit Crete, Minoan palaces and monuments to kings, awesome on aesthetics and architecture. It is here that were born the myths about Tessa, who killed the Minotaur, Ariadne and her beautiful guiding thread, Daedalus and Icarus.

On the island there are guided tours that introducevisitors with local traditions. Incendiary Cretan dances, performed in folk costumes under the national music, is a delightful sight. Crete promises a wonderful holiday, a fascinating journey, sunny paradise. To get to heaven simply and inexpensively.

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