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Relations of foster parents to children

Relationship of foster parents to children

In family life difficult, not only adults but also children.

It is especially difficult when the house stepmother. Children who have lost one parent, trying to idealize the other.

Generally, children are considered divorce a temporary phenomenon, and dream about what their family will be reunited soon.

But the house comes a new mom or new dad.

How should they treat their step-children?

Do not try to behave like a mother or father,it's the most common mistake. The child should be treated well, but you can not move the borders. Respect, trust and love a child can not be obtained for the first week. Establish contact must be gradually, and then the child, if he wants to get to know will make a step forward.

It should be as much time to spend oncommunicate with the child, and this communication is necessary to learn it. The child is neither an enemy nor an ally, but just a man, to which must be treated with kindness.

Bad relations between the "non-native" family membersdestroy marital beginning. Very often the main reason for this is enormous tension between them. Voltage automatically affects the relationship between the spouses and resulting conflicts "non-native" parents always decide differently than with their own children. For example, if there is a conflict between stepfather and stepson, he most likely will not scold him, beat him, to offend or to compel him to do well, but might make it all towards their children. Why? Such behavior towards her stepson is regarded as an attempt to drive them out of the house.

Therefore, the child should be punished biologicalparent. It so happens that the parents blame themselves that divorced and, as a result, zaglazhivaya blame to the child, allow him too much. In this situation, as it is not necessary to intervene and allow the solution to take biological parents.

Also, there are cases when after the divorceChild raising is very strict. The reason for this rigor is the fear that the child after his parents' divorce can become unmanageable. But, if the biological parents are too pampered child, he, of course, will wait for the same and from the foster parent.

If a foster father or mother will want to establishfamily relationships, they should remember that they will never replace the real parents. You must also be alert to the possibility that the child will make trouble and to show its rights to biological parents who want to take away.

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