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How to relate to money

How to treat money

Rare person can say that he did not think about money. Everybody needs money.

The vow of poverty gives a monk, but not a monastery.

And once the money topic is so relevant for all, then it is necessary to treat them properly.



Do not hesitate to talk about money, take it. Treat talk about them as quite normal topic. Going to a friendly party, in advance, discuss who and what will pay. Girls after a meeting in the cafe should not hesitate to pay for itself, if you want to feel independent. Do not hesitate to talk about money with the command: make mention of additional payments for this or that, I'm sorry to raise wage rates. When the device to work safely place the desired amount in the summary and discuss the size of salaries and allowances alleged.


Do not focus only on the accumulation of moneyor only in the process of purchasing any goods. Remember that money can be spent on something that will bring you positive emotions, new impressions, will bring happiness or spiritually enrich. For example, a trip to an exotic journey, go on trips or in the museum, to give relatives and friends of the dream. All this will help to transform the process of making money from the routine to the fun.


Do not try to earn all the money in my life. The get, the more spend. Money is never enough. Remember that in life there are such things as health, love, happiness. They can not be bought for any amount. Man deliberately depriving himself of all this, live at risk of a gray, dull life, without a vivid memories and impressions.


Do not be ashamed of poverty, if you can not affordimagine what the neighbors are. If you can not go out with friends and friends in a restaurant. If you can not give families on holiday an expensive gift. Learn to not be ashamed of their financial situation, live within our means, to dream of wealth and bring your dreams to life. Learn to recognize that save or underfunded. Do not hesitate to accept expensive gifts from relatives and friends, even if they do not give such.


Do not envy those who are richer than you. Even those who are fabulously wealthy. In the wealthy their problems: fear for their safety, people distrust, betrayal, unflattering criticism, the fear of losing business and ruined. Appreciate what is already available. Unlike many, perhaps you have an interesting job, favorite people, beautiful children, a comfortable home, real friends, interesting hobbies.


Keep it simple. Many spent on expensive suits and shoes that are not ashamed to go to a home or a business meeting, on trips to the restaurant with the important people in the taxi. In other words, the fact that in the eyes of others to look prosperous. In fact, only 10% of others can appreciate the brand of clothing or to focus on what you are driving. Do not hesitate to budget stores sales. Instead of expensive gifts boss, bake his own cake, give a scarf or gloves.

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