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How to treat money


How to treat money</a>

A rare person can say that he does not think about money at all. Everyone needs money.

A vow of poverty is given by a monk, but not a monastery.

And since the topic of money is so urgent for everyone, then it is necessary to treat them correctly.



Do not hesitate to talk about money, consider them. Treat them as a perfectly normal topic. Going to a friendly party, discuss in advance who will pay for what. Girls after a meeting in a cafe should not be shy to pay for themselves if they want to feel independent. Do not hesitate to talk about money with your superiors: remind you of surcharges for this or that, please forgive the increase in salary rates. When applying for a job, boldly put the desired amount in the resume and discuss the size of the salary and the estimated surcharges.


Do not focus only on accumulating moneyOr only on the process of buying any goods. Remember that money can be channeled to something that will bring you positive emotions, new impressions, bring happiness or spiritually enrich. For example, go on an exotic journey, visit an excursion or in a museum, give your family and friends a dream. All this will help turn the process of making money out of routine into pleasure.


Do not try to earn all the money in life. The more you get, the more you spend. Money is always scarce. Remember that in life there are such concepts as health, love, happiness. They can not be bought for any amount. A person who deliberately deprives himself of all this, runs the risk of living a gray, boring life, without vivid memories and impressions.


Do not be ashamed of poverty if you can not afford it.Imagine what their neighbors can do. If you can not go with friends and girlfriends to a restaurant. If you can not give your family on holiday a rather expensive gift. Learn to not be shy of your financial situation, live within your means, dream of wealth and make your dreams come true. Learn to admit that you are saving or experiencing a shortage of funds. Do not hesitate to accept expensive gifts from relatives and friends, even if you do not give such gifts yourself.


Do not envy those who are richer than you. Even those who are fabulously rich. The well-off people have their own problems: fear for their safety, distrust of people, betrayals, unflattering criticism, fear of losing business and going bankrupt. Appreciate what is already available. Unlike many, perhaps you have an interesting job, loved ones, beautiful children, a cozy home, real friends, interesting hobbies.


Be easier. Very many are spent on expensive suits and shoes, in which it is not a shame to go on a visit or to a business meeting, to go to a restaurant with important people, by taxi. In other words, in order to look more respectable in the eyes of others. In fact, only 10% of those around you are able to evaluate the brand of clothing or focus on what you are driving. Do not hesitate to budget stores, sales. Instead of expensive chef gifts, bake a cake with your own hand, donate a scarf or gloves.

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