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Rejuvenating bath body

Rejuvenating bath

With age, cell regeneration slows down human skin loses elasticity.

With rejuvenating baths, you can pause the process.

There are plenty of recipes for home use.

Empress Cleopatra Bath
Ingredients: 1 liter of milk (preferably not pasteurized), 100 g of honey. Dissolve in a small amount of warm honey water, then mixed with warm milk. The water temperature should be 37 - 38 degrees, the length of the bath 20 minutes. After the procedure is enough to rinse with clean warm water and wrapped in a soft towel. Due to the action of milk skin is cleansed, and honey nourishes and gives elasticity.
Clay bath
Ingredients: 200 g of white clay, 200 g of pink clay. Dilute the clay in a liter of warm water, pour into a warm bath. It is desirable to take 20 minutes. Then rinse with water and blot with a soft towel body. This bath improves the exfoliation of dead cells and enhances blood circulation, so there is a rejuvenation of the body.
Oatmeal bath
Ingredients: 200 g of oat flakes. Flakes should be placed in a linen or gauze bag, tie tightly. Put the bag in the bath water during filling. Water temperature 37 - 38 degrees, 20 minutes treatment time. Rub body oat bag, get skrabiruyuschy effect. Result - velvety, tender skin. After the bath, you can not be rinsed with water.

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