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How to adjust the ignition


How to adjust the ignition</a>

Technical regulations of the next technicalService, after running on a motor vehicle 10 000 kilometers, provides for checking the contacts of the breaker-distributor, as well as the subsequent adjustment of the engine ignition system.

You will need

  • Screwdriver,
  • A 13 mm spanner,
  • Set of test leads,
  • Check lamp.



To comply with these requirements, the engine's cover, together with the high-voltage wires, is removed from the fixed engine when the engine is released.


Then, turning the crankshaft, it is establishedSuch is its position, in which the contacts of the breaker will be completely open. And in this position, having released the screw of fastening of a stationary contact, the bottom, eccentric screw is exposed by means of a probe the gap between contacts equal to 0.35? 0.4 mm.


Then, the fixed contact fixing screwTightened, but after this, the gap between the contacts of the breaker must be checked again. In case of discrepancy? Adjustment of the gap must be repeated.


At the second stage, the ignition timing is set. To perform this procedure, you must:
- To establish коленвал in position ВМТ (see labels on a forward pulley of the engine), being guided on position of the distributor which should mean thus a high-voltage wire of the first cylinder-
- Loosen the fork of the fork securing the position of the breaker-distributor-
Connect the test lamp with one end to the positive terminal of the breaker, the other? To the mass of the engine in any convenient location-
- turn the breaker-distributor againstTurn the ignition switch on (the indicator light must be off), turn the device body until the indicator light comes on.


It is at the moment of the warning light,It is necessary to securely fix the position of the breaker-distributor by tightening the nut on the fork of its fastening. Reassemble in the reverse order.

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