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How to regulate the ignition

How to regulate the ignition

Technical Regulations of the next Technicalservice, after driving a car 10,000 kilometers, provides verification contacts the distributor and the subsequent adjustment of the engine ignition system.

You will need

  • Screwdriver,
  • Wrench 13 mm
  • set of test leads,
  • control light.



To comply with these requirements for the engine is stopped, freed from attachment, removed the distributor cap, together with high-voltage wires.


Then, turning the crankshaft is installedit is a position where the breaker contacts are completely open. And in this position by releasing the screw fixed contact mount, bottom, eccentric screw is exposed with a feeler gauge the gap between contacts equal to 0.35? 0.4 mm.


Then, the fixed contact mounting screwdelayed, but after that, the magnitude of the gap between the contacts of the breaker, carefully checked again. In case of divergence? clearance adjustment should be repeated.


In the second phase, the installation of the moment of ignition. To perform this procedure, you must:
- Set the crankshaft in TDC position (see the front of the engine pulley marks), focusing on the position of the distributor, which should at the same time point to the high-voltage wire of the first tsilindra-
- Release nut fork mounting, fixing the position of the breaker-raspredelitelya-
Connect a test light at one end to the positive terminal of the interrupter, the other? to the motor in any convenient weight meste-
- Turn the breaker-distributor againststroke, turn the ignition (the control lamp to be repaid), rotate the enclosure as long as the warning lamp lights up.


It was at the time of ignition control light,securely fix the position of the distributor, by tightening the nut on the plug is mounted. The assembly is performed in reverse order.

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