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How to register with the tax office

How to register with the tax office

At the beginning of its activity every commercial company must register with the tax inspection at their location.

To do this, you need to prepare a special package of documents, certified supervisor.

You will need

  • - Statement on Form UTII-1-
  • - Certificate of State registratsii-
  • - Power of attorney.



Refer to the tax office at the placecompany registration and get an application form by form UTII-1, as well as several annexes. Also, the form can be downloaded from the Internet by opening the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia or a regional government. Use these sources is because they published the latest and up to date information.


Complete the application in writing or electronicallyform. Specify the name, legal address, BIN, TIN and CRR. Also fill the column with the page number in the application and its annexes. In the first case, enter the value "001", then - "002", etc. If you do not have copies of supporting documents, put a dash in the corresponding column. When applying directly to the head of the organization put the number 3 in the appropriate box, and if the representative of the number 4.


Select the top line of your application INNorganization. Also in the appropriate box, specify a separate TIN director or his official representative. Indicate in brackets, that the filing of the application on the basis of the certificate of assignment of Inn. Please fill in the sections on activities, specify the reason for setting the organization on the tax account.


If the application is submitted oneemployees, the manager must draw on his power of attorney and to assure her. Specify the name of the employee, his passport details, address and trustworthy actions (submission of tax inspection documents for setting the organization on the account and signing the necessary paperwork). Then head puts his signature and seal of the organization at the bottom of the document. After that, all of the collected papers submitted to the appropriate authority for the completion of the setting procedure for tax registration.

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