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How to register in a local polyclinic


Registration is carried out in the registry window.</a>

If you change your place of residence, you should immediately register with a polyclinic located near the new housing.

This will help in the future to avoid the difficulties that can arise if you need to get qualified medical care.

You will need

  • - the policy of compulsory medical insurance-
  • - Passport of the Russian Federation.



In the event that the place of your residenceCoincides with the place of your residence, registration in the clinic does not require a lot of effort and effort. It will be enough to present to the registry of the medical institution a passport with a stamp on registration, as well as a compulsory health insurance policy.


If you live not where you are registered, withCertain problems may arise in obtaining medical care. However, in any case, you have the right to receive medical assistance, if you are denied it because of a lack of registration, you can refer to the federal law of the Russian Federation No. 5242-I, signed by the Russian president on June 25, 1993, confirming this.


Non-resident students, as a rule, do not experienceProblems with registration in medical institutions. It is enough for them to present a compulsory medical insurance policy, a passport, and a student card. In some cases, students may be asked to provide a copy of the MHI policy and a copy of the medical record.


In the event that you have on handCertificate of temporary registration, it should be used when registering with a polyclinic. It will also be necessary to present the MHI policy and the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.


If there is no evidence of a temporaryRegistration or if you want to receive medical assistance in an institution belonging to a different territorial district, you will need to write a statement requesting registration in the name of the head of the therapeutic department of the necessary clinic. At the same time, you must have a valid MHI policy in your hands.


Remember that when a situation arises,Requiring emergency medical intervention, registration is not required. However, as soon as there is an opportunity, you need to provide the medical personnel with the documents that allow you to attach to the medical institution.

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