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How to register the right of ownership

How to register the right of ownership

Registration of ownership rights - is the process of privatization, the deed of gift, exchange, purchase and sale, rent and judgment.

This procedure is performed by the Federal Registration Service, and it alone is the only proof of the existence of the registered rights to residential property.

You will need

  • The package of documents, statement.



The need for the right registration property property occurs in the following cases -purchase, exchange, donation, inheritance, privatization, de-privatization, rent for more than a year, property is not registered in the public register. This procedure, as registration rights property carried out in accordance with the Law "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it" and the Civil Code.


For registration rights property, You must apply for and collected in advancea package of documents, which includes - an excerpt from BTI- document confirming payment of the registration poshliny- pasporta- copy of the certificate of registration with the tax sluzhbu- notarized statement spouse of consent for transaction- document confirming the real estate deal.


Further examination of documents and verification of the legality of the transaction will be carried out.


Then set no contradiction between the declared and registered rights and other grounds for refusal of registration of rights property.


If the grounds for refusal are not available, it shall be entered in the Unified State Register of rights to residential property.


After all the careful checks are made on the labels of title documents and issued a certificate of state registration of rights to real estate.

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