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How to prescribe a child from my grandmother


How to prescribe a child from my grandmother</a>

If the child is not 14 years old, you can register it with your grandmother only with one of the parents with the consent of the second. This restriction is due to Art.

20 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

After reaching this age, he can register for grandmother's living space and without parents.

You will need

  • - birth certificate of a child-
  • - Passports of parents-
  • - application for registration at the place of residence, completed by one of the parents for themselves and the child-
  • - the consent of the second parent (by law it is not necessary, but it is better to have it)
  • - free use agreement betweenThe owner and those of the parents who register with the child (or signed by one of the parents for and on behalf of the child under 14 years of age) or an application for the provision of a living accommodation written by the owner-
  • - consent of all adults, registered in the municipal apartment-
  • - documents proving the relationship, when registering for a municipal apartment-
  • - document on the ownership of the privatized apartment and a copy of the financial and personal account and an extract from the house book for the municipal.
  • -



If the apartment Grandmothers Privatized, it all depends on the number ofOwners and type of ownership. The easiest way is when the owner is alone. It is enough that he will sign an application for housing accommodation or the parent will sign a contract with him free use of a dwelling (the second option in practice is preferable).
The contract is signed by only two parties, the child is indicated among the family members who will live together with his father or mother.
The law allows for its simple written form, but in practice it is better to assure this document in a house management, a division of the FMS or a notary.


If the apartment has several owners, consent for registration must be given by each of them. It is also certified by a notary, in a house management or FMS.
The number of registered in the apartment does not play a role. The right of a decisive vote is owned only by the owners, regardless of whether they are registered at this address or not.


When registering for a municipal apartment procedureBecomes more complicated. It is necessary to prove your kinship (not necessarily close, the law allows you to register a son-in-law with your mother-in-law and your daughter-in-law with your mother-in-law) and grant consent of all adults registered in the apartment, also notarized by a notary or a department of the FMS.


The application for registration at the place of residence can be taken in the house management or department of the FMS, download on the state services portal or fill it online.
At the same time, the mother or father fills the application with herself and the child.
With a full set of documents you need to contact the building management department or FMS department.


The difference between the registration procedure for a grandmother of a child of 14 years and older is that he must go through it himself: go to the house management or FMS with his passport and fill out and sign the application himself.

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