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How to register in Russia

How to register in Russia

In Russia, there are certain rules of accounting movements of citizens. Every citizen must be registered - at the place of stay or residence.

Let us examine together what it is and how to carry out the registration.

Registration of citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation is carried out to account for the performance and observance of all the rights and obligations of the Russians.



There are two types of registration: by place of residence and place of residence. Consider the first case.


Residence registration is made inif a citizen of the Russian Federation is currently not live on the main place of residence for more than 90 days. In this case, you must apply to the territorial body of the Federal Migration Service and provide the following documents: passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, shall be registered by a person, a document giving the basis for the residence of the person (the contract of employment or a declaration of the owner of property). Documents are accepted by an official responsible for the registration of citizens. The responsible official documents then transmits a higher court within 3 days. The territorial FMS body makes a decision on registration of the same for 3 days.


Residence registration is made incase of change of residence. The place of residence of a citizen shall be the place where the citizen resides as the owner, under a contract of employment or social rent or otherwise provided by law, the grounds. For registration of residence must apply to the officials responsible for the registration of citizens, and to provide the following documents:

If the dwelling is in personal property: the applicant's passport, the passport owner of the apartment, a document establishing ownership of the residential area, a certificate of registration of property rights, the consent of the other owners of property (if any).


If the housing provided by the social contracthiring: the applicant's passport, passport responsible tenant, a written consent of the other family members, landlord consent (the relevant public authority in charge of the provided housing), if any person is infused (not spouses, children or parents).


Then repeat the procedure already describedtransmission of documents by an official in the local body of the Federal Migration Service. Within 3 days of registration is carried out in the community, in other words, in the passport stamped corresponding mark.

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