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How to register granddaughter

When a child is born, parents should already know where they will register it

Now prescribe children in the apartment immediately after birth. The process is quite simple, if you do everything right.

Usually children prescribed at the place of residence of the Popeand mother, and if the parents live separately, the place of residence of the child depends on the willingness of parents - either in order or the other, but also can be prescribed in the grandmother's apartment.

You will need

  • - The mother or father of your passport (+ copy) -
  • - Grandma's passport (+ copy) -
  • - A statement of the mother at the child's residency babushki-
  • - Birth certificate (+ copy) -
  • - Extract from the personal accounts of her grandmother, who issued EIRTS-
  • - An excerpt from the house book with a place of residence babushki-
  • - A certificate that the child is not registered with their parents, from the place of residence roditeley-
  • - Statement by the parents consent to the registration of the child with his grandmother.



Prepare the necessary documents. For the required documents include:

• mother's or father's passport (+ copy) -

• grandmother's passport (+ copy) -

• mother's application for a residence permit from the child babushki-

• Birth certificate of the baby (+ copy) -

All these documents should already be on your hands, you need only remove their copies.

It is necessary to prepare the passport of parents and the child's grandmother


Prepare a certified consent of the child's mother atregistration kid my grandmother. This document is subject to mandatory notarization. It is important to remember that this document is necessary, as the granddaughter is not prescribed to the mother, and my grandmother.


Gather the other documents that are requiredfor the registration of the child. Most of them you can immediately get on the same day in ZhEKe, HOA or caretakers of the company, depending on to what the house where the baby will be spelled out. These documents include:
• Extract from grandmother's personal account, which is issued in EIRTS-

• Extract from the book home from the place of residence babushki-

• Certificate confirming that the child is not registered with their parents, from the place of residence roditeley-

• Statement of the parents consent to the registration of the child with his grandmother.
The exact dates of registration are not defined by the law, although in the case if the registration with granddaughter will be passed in the first month of life, the reference to the seat of the second guardian is required.

Part of the documents can be obtained HOA ZhEKe or caretakers of


Refer to the passport office. Since the baby is prescribed with my grandmother, she was in a place of residence should contact the passport office with the required documents and the relevant application.
Submitting all the documents for registration, it is necessary to leave the passport office in the entire list of documents (copies) and birth certificate of the baby in the original.

Collected documents should be referred to the passport office


After two or three days go to the passport office fordocuments (exact time can be found at submission of documents required for registration). Stamp on registration can be stamped in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, on the evidence of the child's birth - namely, on the back side thereof. Here, perhaps, and all. In fact, nothing complicated, but perseverance and patience is required.

After a certain period of time stamp on the registration can be stamped

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