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How to register both in production

How to register both in production

Accounting on industrial and other enterprises is an extremely important process, which depends directly from their profitability and legality of activities.

To establish it should be already in the first days of the establishment of the company.

You will need

  • - accounting documents-
  • - scheta-
  • - Accounting staff.



The choice of accounting at the enterprise mustcarried out according to the basic principles of accounting policy, which is a complex of various institutional measures, including the approval of synthetic and analytical accounts of accounting, management of document based on primary and accounting documents, defining the content and scope of the reporting, the choice of the tax system, etc.


Choose a form of organization of the enterpriseaccounting. Thus it is necessary to take into account the value of the company (small, medium or large), its organizational-legal form, production and management features, affordable methods of processing financial information. For example, if you have a large company with many subsidiaries, should choose a decentralized accounting, providing for the creation in each department's own accounting department and approval of the chief accountant. The positive side of such accounting is that accounting units will be located at the place of financial transactions, and this in turn will reduce the time of their implementation and to allow easier control. As for the negative aspects of a large number of suitably qualified staff it is difficult to pick up in some situations.


Establish a centralized systemaccounting, if your business is small. In this situation, the Company and its subsidiaries will carry out the operation under the supervision of an accountant. There is also the possibility of the organization of accounting on a contractual basis. In this case you will no longer need to search for qualified accountants. It is also the added advantage of a central register is a special concentration of accounts work, in which it creates favorable conditions for the use of automated accounting systems.

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