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How to establish accounting in production


How to establish accounting in production</a>

Accounting at manufacturing and other enterprises is an extremely important process, on which their profitability and legitimacy of activity directly depend.

To adjust it it is necessary already in the first days of company creation.

You will need

  • - accounting documents-
  • - accounts-
  • - Accounting staff.



The choice of accounting at the enterprise shouldCarried out in accordance with the main principles of accounting policy, which is a complex set of various organizational measures, including the approval of accounts for synthetic and analytical accounting, the regulation of workflow, taking into account primary and accounting documents, determining the content and volume of reporting, the choice of taxation system, etc.


Choose the form of organization in the enterpriseAccounting. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the size of the enterprise (small, medium or large), its organizational and legal form, the features of production and management, and the available methods for processing financial information. For example, if you have a large enterprise with a large number of subsidiaries, you should choose a decentralized account, which provides for the creation in each department of its own accounting department and approval of the chief accountant. The positive side of this accounting is that accounting machines will be located at the place of financial transactions, and this in turn will shorten the terms of their implementation and allow for easier monitoring. As for the negative sides, in some situations it is difficult to find a large number of employees of the appropriate qualifications.


Install a centralized systemAccounting if your business is small. In this situation, the company and its branches will carry out operations under the supervision of one accountant. There is also the possibility of organizing accounting on a contractual basis. In this case, you will no longer need to find qualified accountants. Also, the additional advantage of centralized accounting is the special concentration of accounting work, under which favorable conditions are created for the use of automated accounting systems.

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