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How to register at the airport

How to register at the airport

If you are flying for the first time, you probably have in mind a number of questions related to the passage of the registration process at the airport.

In fact this is no big deal, most importantly - correctly calculate the time to arrive at the airport, do not forget the necessary documents and carefully look at the electronic scoreboard.



Come to the airport for the beginning of registration,which begins in the middle of 1.5-2 hours on domestic and 2.5-3 hours for international flights prior to departure and ends 30 and 40 minutes respectively. This will allow you to get the best seats and not to rush.


First of all, at the entrance to the airport you will need to go through the metal detector, is the first superficial examination.


When you go to the airport building, get your flight on a special board. It will be shown and the place of arrival flight number. Look on the same board, if already check-in began.


Go to the front desk and show your passport and tickets (e-booking only a passport). There, on the front desk, you will need to show luggage and carry-on luggage.


If you have suggestions for the choice of seats in the cabin, tell about this at the front.


Baggage will be weighed if it is overweight, it will have to pay. At the hanged luggage luggage tag and hand luggage glued card.


After registration you will get back the documents and carry-on baggage will be given a boarding pass and baggage check, and show where to go for the passport and customs control.

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