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How to register and check out the place of residence

How to register and check out the place of residence

Despite the fact that in the world practice of propiska is considered a throwback, in Russia it is impossible to live without registration.

More precisely it is possible, but not more than 90 days, if you - the citizen of the Russian Federation, and three days, if you - a foreign citizen or stateless person.

You will need

  • - passport,
  • - Documents on the premises,
  • - military ID,
  • - Birth certificates of children.



Before writing and be prescribed (ie, removed from the register at the Migration Service), decide what you plan to get registered. If you need to be registered at the time the issue you have to "register the place of residence." In contrast to the permanent registration, the registration of this type is not marked in the passport stamp, and shall be in the form of leaf-liner. At the time of registration is not necessary to be discharged from the home.


Permanent registration can be issued inpassport office at the place of residence. To do this, you need to contact pasportistu with the documents confirming the ownership of the premises where you are being prescribed, and passport application, according to the form 1P.


If you are not the owner ofapartment or house, you have to bring the rightful owners, and when it is impossible (for example, they do not exist in the country) to submit their notarized consent to your registration.


Go removed from registration onprevious place of residence is also not necessary, modern migration control system can be discharged and be registered at the same time. Just in the passport office and the department of FMS, where you turned, you will need to fill even "sheet of departure."


However, you should understand that if "sheetdeparture "to mark the withdrawal of the previous place of residence do you bring, you will register much faster. The fact that the registrar is required for your application to make a request to the Federal Migration Service department, where you previously were considered, and even if the two departments are located within the same city, and the staff can easily call each other and to clarify the fact of removing you from the account until will not come a written response to a request made to register you, no one will.

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