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How to register a legal entity

How to register a legal entity

Many people, for a long time working as salariedStaff eventually realize the advantages their own businesses. It is not only an opportunity to increase their income, it is also a chance to create something of their own, self-actualization.

However, towards the establishment of the business has a number of obstacles.

Among them - the administrative formalities, such as registration of the legal entity.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - INN-
  • - Funds for the payment of duties.



Decide what type of business you wantorganize. For a small company can approach the registration form without forming a legal entity, that is, you can become an individual entrepreneur.


If you do decide to registerentity, collect the necessary documents. Get a tax identification number (TIN), if not already done so. Also download from the website of the Federal Tax Service (FTS), an application for registration of a legal entity, and fill it.


Find a lawyer who will help you in the design ofconstituent documents for your organization. Coordinates law firms have in the printed and electronic directories. Look for lawyers specializing in the preparation of business documents.


Pay a state fee, which for 2011year is two thousand rubles. A receipt can be filled in any branch of Sberbank. Payment of fees can be both in cash and by bank transfer.


Find the coordinates of the tax authority, in whichyou must apply. This can be done through the site FNS. Open the section "State Registration of Legal Entities". At the bottom of the page will be a link "Address your inspection." Click on it. If the IRS tax code of the body you do not know, skip this step. Then select the area of ​​the proposed options, where you live, the district and the city. The system will give you the address of your tax services and contact phone number.


Call the Internal Revenue Service and verify hours of operation department, when they make an application for registration of taxpayers.


Come at the appointed time in your department with the Federal Tax Serviceprepared all documents and passport. Ask your employees, when the registration is completed, and the specified day come for getting your documents to the registered entity.

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