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How to register a company

How to register a company

Joint Stock Company is an organization carrying out business on a commercial basis.

A distinctive feature of the companyIt is that its share capital is divided into a certain number of shares certifying the rights of the holders with respect to this society.

Joint-stock companies may be closed (at least 50 members) or open (the number of participants is limited).



Often the company is created on the basis ofexisting legal entity by making changes to its charter documents. Methods of education are different, it may be conversion, & nbsp-split, merge, & nbsp-selection. It is also possible to form a corporation by its institutions (creation of a new company). Its founders can be both physical and legal persons. In cases that do not contravene the law, the founders & nbsp-may include & nbsp-state and municipal authorities.


The establishment of the joint stock companyIt decided at a general meeting of its founders. It also stipulates the organization of management, approved by the statutory documents (charter and memorandum of association), established supervisory and auditing bodies. As a result of the meeting between the members is an agreement on the establishment of joint-stock company, which prescribes the procedure for making contributions to the charter capital, and its size, purpose and objectives of the Company, the type of activity, the number of issued shares, other rights and obligations of the parties.


After the settlement of all organizationalproblems created by the constituent documents of the society of the future, namely the articles of association and memorandum of association, subject to state registration. For its implementation documentation (application for registration of the company, charter, memorandum of association, proof of payment of the authorized capital) is sent to Companies House. After testing for compliance with the legislation of the claims submitted, the decision on the state registration (entering records on the establishment of the company in a single & nbsp-state register of legal entities). After the procedure of state registration of joint-stock company is considered to be created, and it can begin to operate.

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