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Many businessmen who decided to start their own businesses, are faced with the problem of registration of the enterprise.

Let's try to describe the whole process of this long and not very simple procedure, in which you will be able to register a business.

  1. Before starting the procedure itself, it is necessaryto come up not only what you are going to do, but also such things as the company name. Moreover, it is desirable to have the right mind not only the full version of the name, but also shortened. Moreover, it must be unique, because if the company with the same name already exists, you will be denied.
  2. Next to start the preparation of constituentdocumentation. For this issue should be taken very seriously, because of how it will be formalized depends registration of your company. First of all, it is the charter of your company and the founder of its creation solution. If the company decided to open a few people, you must provide a contract between all business partners. The signatures of each of the founders must be present at both the statute and the contract.
  3. The next step is to payshare capital. Prior to registration of the company to pay not less than half of the share capital. The minimum capital of the Russian Federation is estimated as one hundred times the minimum wage.
  4. Only after all these steps, you need to takedocuments to the relevant body, where your company will make in the state register. It should be mentioned: the address, the way the enterprise base, basic information about the founders, the data on the succession, the size of the authorized capital, the data on reorganization or liquidation, on the face of the information on which the power of attorney to act on behalf of the company listed the license received by the company .
  5. The deadline for registration of the law designated 5days. Post documents can be an authorized person or by mail. Documents can be in paper or electronic form. The applicant receives the documents after return receipt. You must also pay the state fee.

In order to register a business,you need to provide the following documents: application for registration, the relevant documents on the establishment of a legal entity, you collected the constituent documents (original or certified by a notary), receipt of payment of state fees.

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