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How to register an enterprise


Many businessmen who decided to start their own business are faced with the problem of registering their enterprise.

Let's try to describe the whole process of this long and not very simple procedure, as a result of which you will be able to register the enterprise.

  1. Before starting the procedure itself, you need toThink of not only what you are going to do, but also such trifles as the name of the company. And it is desirable to immediately have in mind not only the full version of the name, but also a shortened version. And it should be unique, because if an enterprise with that name already exists, you will be denied.
  2. Next, start preparing the constituentDocumentation. This issue needs to be treated with all seriousness, since the registration of your enterprise depends on how it will be formalized. First of all, this is the charter of your enterprise and the decision to create it by the founder. If the firm decided to open several people, then it is necessary to provide an agreement between all business partners. The signatures of each of the founders must be present both on the statute and on the contract.
  3. The next stage is paymentOf the authorized capital. Before registering an enterprise, you must pay at least half of the authorized capital. The minimum capital in the Russian Federation is estimated as one hundred minimum wages.
  4. Only after all these steps need to takeDocuments to the appropriate authority, where your company will be entered into the state register. It should specify: the address, the method of establishing the company, basic information about the founders, information on the succession, the amount of the authorized capital, data on reorganization or liquidation, information about the person to whom the power of attorney was issued to perform actions on behalf of the company, the licenses received by the company .
  5. The term for registration by law is indicated in 5Days. Documents can be submitted by an authorized person or by mail. Documents can be in paper or in electronic form. After the return of the documents, the applicant receives a receipt. It is also necessary to pay a state fee.

In order to register an enterprise,You need to provide the following documentation: application for registration, relevant documents on the establishment of a legal entity, the constitutive documents you collected (in the original or certified by a notary), a receipt for payment of the state fee.

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