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How to register a child in Moscow

How to register a child in Moscow

The peculiarity of residence of the child under 14 years is that it does not require the consent of the owner of any premises or other prescribed therein adults.

It is enough that in the same living space has a residence permit of at least one of the parents.

Therefore the set of documents necessary for registration, minimal.

You will need

  • - Child's birth certificate and his kopiya-
  • - A statement of registration by place of residence (for a newborn or a residence permit in the housing, which has already been registered at least one of the parents) -
  • - Passports of both parents and their kopii-
  • - Certificate from the place of residence of the parent who is registered at a different address, the child is not registered with it and consent to the registration (notarized or EIRTS) -
  • - A copy of the financial and personal scheta-
  • - Extract from the house register.



If you have to write to her newborn,you first need to apply to the registrar and to receive a birth certificate. This requires a certificate from the hospital prescribed form (as if the birth took place at home - from a doctor, who helped with the medical facilities or in which the mother asked after giving birth), passports of both parents and the marriage certificate.
Visit registrar can either parent. If the father and mother are not in official relations, make a visit to have both.
Get the evidence needed for a month after the baby is born.


If both parents passports hands, go to the passport office EIRTS or territorial division of FMS can even directly from the registrar after receiving a birth certificate.
In the first month after the birth of his prescribed mother statement. At a later period will need a letter from the father's residence, the child is not registered to him.
If the kid prescribed to his father, the mother will have to give written consent for this and assure his signature underneath a notary or EIRTS.


Extract from the house register and a copy offinancial and personal account made out in EIRTS daily treatment on presentation of the passport with residence permit, so that they can be prepared just before serving on the registration documents.


The application for registration of residence can betake EIRTS and fill by hand or download on the portal of public services. There is, after authorization of the user is available to be filled through an online form.


If a child is prescribed together with bothparents to the new address, it is enough that any of them (usually the mother) will make the data on it in the appropriate section of its application for registration by place of residence and include a birth certificate to a common set of documents for registration of the family.

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