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How to prescribe a child in Moscow


How to prescribe a child in Moscow</a>

The peculiarity of the propiska for a child under 14 years is that it does not require the consent of the owner of the premises or any other adults registered in it.

It is enough that there is a propiska of at least one of the parents on the same living space.

Therefore, the set of documents needed for registration is minimal.

You will need

  • - birth certificate of the child and his copy-
  • - application for his registration at the place of residence (only for the newborn or when registering for housing, where at least one of the parents is already registered) -
  • - passports of both parents and their copies-
  • - a certificate from the place of residence of the parent who is registered at another address, that the child is not registered with him, and consent to registration (notarized or certified by the EIRTS) -
  • - a copy of the financial and personal account-
  • - an extract from the house book.



If you prescribe a newborn to yourself,First you need to apply to the registry office and get a birth certificate on it. To do this, you need a certificate of the established form from the hospital (and if the birth took place at home - from a doctor who helped with this, or from the medical institution to which the mother applied after the birth), the passports of both parents and the marriage certificate.
Any of the parents can visit the registry office. If the father and mother are not in official relations, the visit will have to be made by both.
You need to get the certificate within a month from the moment of the birth of the child.


If on the hands of the passports of both parents, go to the passport desk of the EIRC or the territorial division of the FMS can at least directly from the registry office after receiving a birth certificate.
In the first month after the birth of the baby, it is prescribed at the request of the mother. In a later period, a certificate from the father's place of residence is needed that the child is not registered with him.
If the baby is prescribed to the father, the mother will have to give written consent to this and to certify her signature under him at the notary or in the EIRTS.


Extract from the home book and a copyFinancial and personal account are registered in the EIRTS on the day of application upon presentation of the passport with a residence permit, so that they can be obtained immediately before submitting the documents for registration.


The application for registration at the place of residence can beTo take in ЕИРЦ and to fill by hand or to download on a portal of state services. In the same place, after the authorization of the user, it is available for filling through the online form.


If the child is prescribed with bothParents to a new address, it is enough that one of them (usually the mother) will enter data on him in the appropriate section of his application for registration at the place of residence and include a birth certificate in the general set of documents for the registration of the family.

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