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How to register a child, if you are not the owner

How to register a child, if you are not the owner

A minor child must be registered. If it is not, the parents may be fined a large sum.

To register a child can be at the place of registration of the father, the mother or both parents.

Permission from the owner of property is required. The fact of registration of the parents or one of them is a sufficient basis for registration of a minor.

Gather the necessary documents and refer to the passport office in your area.

You will need

  • -zayavlenie the passport office
  • -pasport parents
  • -spravka to the place of registration of the other parent, if they are registered in different territories
  • -Certificate of the birth of a child or a passport (14 years)
  • -Certificate of marriage or divorce of parents
  • -Resolution on the registration of the other parent, if they are not registered on the same housing
  • -extract from the house and the personal account
  • -zaverennye photocopies of all documents



The application must be received by the parent, upon which registration prescribed child.


If the parents are registered in different areas, you will need help from the other parent of the child at his place of residence is not registered.


Take an extract from the house register. It must be presented to the residence of both parents, as well as a statement of account.


From all the collected documents, remove the copies and reassure them in a housing authority or a street committee, if registration takes place in a private house.


The difficulty may lie in the fact that the permissionsthe owner is not required, but an extract from the house register and the account can only provide homeowners who show documents of ownership. Therefore, in order to register childNot being the owner, you have to put the owner in the famous and ask to receive these documents, without which it can not be registered.

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