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How to refill inkjet printers

How to refill inkjet printers

Jet printer ? necessary equipment in almost every home and office, and from time to time it is necessary to refilled cartridges. Filling in the service center costs money, so many people choose to refill cartridges yourself, but do not always know how to do it.

Different printer cartridge refilling method is different, but, nevertheless, there are general rules.

You will need

  • cartridge syringe ink



Epson Printer
At Epson printer cartridges are very simplestructure, therefore, to refill them, you do not need to change the print head and perform such complex operations. Remove the cartridge and seal it with tape coming out the hole or plaster. Take the syringe with the needle and evacuate from the bottom of the cartridge ink residues. The hole through which you pumped ink, it is necessary to stick.
If you remove an ink cartridge more than a minute, put in his place zapasnoy- otherwise the print head dries, and you have to buy a new printer.


HP Printers
The HP printer is difficult to spoil wrongthe use of the cartridge because of its different structure. Color cartridges of printer cartridges similar to Epson printers. To fill them, remove the top cover and fill the syringe ink in three colors in three respective holes. Leave open only hole you are working with at the moment. The rest of the seal tape. After refueling, remove all adhesive tape and glue back the top cover, and then insert the cartridge back into the printer.
Black cartridges refilled HP harder. Seal with tape or plaster all the ventilation holes on the cartridge, and then manually drill a hole on the side for filling. Insert it in the syringe and fill with ink cartridge, and then tightly close and seal the filling hole. Release the air vents, and then discard the excess pressure from the cartridge by means of the injection of air through the upper hole technology that emerged the excess ink.


Canon Printer
Cartridges for Canon printers easier to refuelall other models. Refilling a cartridge type BC-20 is produced through a vent located on the side of the cartridge. Enter in it syringe needle and fill with ink. Patching a hole do not need. Cartridges BC-21 type are filled differently: first, cover the outlets of the ink, and then, as in the case of Epson printers, remove the top cover to make the holes for threading. Using a syringe, fill each hole corresponding color ink.
Attach the back cover and install the cartridge into thePrinter. In addition, you can simply soak up the ink in the membrane at the bottom of the cartridge, but this method is quite messy: the excess ink may leak out.

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