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How to refill ink cartridges

How to refill ink cartridges

With the advent of laser printers are gradually leaving? Retired? Inkjet.

However, despite the fact that the print onusing a laser printer can image with minimal loss of quality, ink-jet printing is cheaper variantom.Predstavte a situation: you print your favorite photos from your computer onto paper, and suddenly in the printer runs out of ink.

But before you decide that you need to buy a new cartridge, think, and suddenly it can somehow fill.



Indeed, laser cartridge refillthe printer can be, are engaged in many stores that sell and repair computers and peripherals. But that's the price for it may require rather big. It will be easier to fill the cartridge itself.


To do this, you must first buy inkrefilling cartridges, which are often sold in a special 20-milliliter syringe. So buy three syringes: yellow, red and blue. By the way, self-fueling will cost you twice cheaper than filling in the workshop. And serve as a cartridge refilled by your hand, will not be less.


By purchasing ink, we take out of our printer cartridge. That's right it will help you get the instruction. Bed on the table a newspaper or even a few newspapers not to slap his face. Cartridge printheads put down directly on the table.


Now you need to remove the top of the cartridge label or make a hole in it on the ground three holes for pouring paints, 1 hole on each ink tank.


Each container fill appropriatepaint. Pour it very slowly and carefully. Then it is necessary to leave the cartridge on the table for 5 minutes, to stand. Then seal the hole with tape or what some stickers and install the cartridge into place.


But that is not all. We need to spend 1-3 cleaning cycle. As these cycles are carried out, will tell you all the same instruction to the printer. Now you can print whatever they want. Now look at the clock? we took only 10 minutes from the beginning? Operation ?. Yes, refilled printer at home? it is very convenient and fast.

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