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How to reduce your child heat

How to reduce your child heat

Reduce the heat in children is not alwaysobtained without the assistance of a specialist, the problem is that most potent drugs should not be given to the kid. If the thermometer tends upward, try to reduce the temperature of the standard tools that are used in the treatment of children.

With the ineffectiveness of basic means - call the pediatrician, high temperatures can cause a number of complications.



The easiest way - paracetamol. Give in to the desired dose of the syrup or put a candle. Several minutes later, the thermometer should show a lower number if it does not, it is not recommended to give again without observing interval. If you gave a conventional tablet improvement occurs not earlier than 30-60 minutes, since it is absorbed into the blood somewhat longer than the syrup.


Remove the baby all the clothes, the body needs to cool down. Dilute a weak vinegar solution and wipe the baby, the temperature should drop rapidly, but this is not always the case. Do not rub vodka, it enters the bloodstream and causes intoxication, which is already available in the body in the cold. Of course, alcohol lowers temperatureBut severe nausea can begin at the child.


Mix the raspberry jam with warm water and let it throughout the day. Raspberry naturally reduce temperatureAnd displays the toxicity of the organism, because it has a diaphoretic effect. If your child has an allergy to it, it is better not to use, the condition can only worsen.

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