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How to reduce the child's heat


How to reduce the child's heat</a>

Reduce the heat in children is not alwaysIt turns out without the help of a specialist, the problem is that most potent drugs can not be given to a baby. If the thermometer tends to skyrocket, try lowering the temperature by standard means that are used in therapy in children.

If the elementary means are ineffective - call the pediatrician, high temperature can provoke a number of complications.



The easiest way is paracetamol. Give in the right dose a syrup or put a candle. After a few minutes the thermometer should show a smaller number, if it did not happen, it is not recommended to give it again without observing the interval. If you give a regular tablet, the improvement will not occur until 30-60 minutes later, since it is absorbed into the blood several times longer than the syrup.


Remove all clothes from the baby, the body should cool down. Dilute a weak vinegar solution and wipe the baby, the temperature should drop rapidly, but this is not always the case. Do not rub with vodka, it penetrates into the blood and causes intoxication, which is already present in the body for colds. Of course, alcohol reduces Temperature, But the child may experience severe nausea.


Mix raspberry jam with warm water and give it throughout the day. Raspberry naturally reduces Temperature, And also will bring out intoxication from the body, because it has a sweatshop effect. If a child has an allergy to it, do not use it, the condition can only worsen.

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