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How to reduce the VAT tax

How to reduce the VAT tax

Value added tax is an indirect value, which is added to the price of goods by the seller.

Equal amount of tax is then paid to the budget.

It seems that the company does not lose anything, but increases the amount of VAT evaded income of the company and is not subject to income tax.



Release the company from the payment of VAT. This method is provided for by law and is based on Article 145 Taxovogo Code. The company has the right to be free from the obligations of the taxpayer, if some of the conditions referred to in Article are met.


Refer to the Federal Tax Service forobtain a permit for non-payment of VAT, which will be valid for 12 months or until the loss of the right. This method of reducing the value added tax is not suited to organizations that cooperate in the activities of companies with VAT taxpayers. The fact that you can not put such firms invoice indicating the amount of tax, and they can not point to the deduction of VAT on purchases.


Spend operations received in advance. According to claims 15 item 3 of article 149 of the Tax Code, a loan is not a transaction subject to VAT taxation. In this regard, the buyer and seller sign a contract loan in the amount of the advance. Further, instead of a contract novation made repayment of the loan to the buyer through the transfer of the sum as payment for the supply contract.


Use the commercial credit. It is often used if the tax period was made bulk sales or expensive assets. In this case, the buyer and seller agree on reducing the cost of production to the provision of deferred payment. Equate the amount of interest in the amount of the discount.


To carry out transactions with the goods in the load. When selling goods on which tax is charged at the rate of 18%, set the minimum margin. At this time, the buyer offers the seller other items, subject to 10% tax, with a maximum margin. Carrying out such an operation, a significant impact on the amount of tax.

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