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How to reduce the smell of paint in the apartment after renovation

How to reduce the smell of paint in the apartment after renovation

To smell of paint after repairs quickly blown away, of course, it is better to keep the windows open as long as possible.

If this is not possible, for example, in the winter time, to reduce the smell of paint in several relatively simple methods.



Put in a few parts of the room wherecarried out painting work, wide plates with salt. Salt is very good at absorbing odors. It can be used for these purposes, and a salt-water tanks, such as large pots. One such container will be enough for a room of 12-15 square meters. meters.


You can hang out in the room, bed sheets or towels, moistened their salty or just pure water. They should be rinsed every 3-4 hours and then hang.


The smell of paint will also help get rid of the lighted candles in the room. After the candles burn down, the room should be well ventilated.


If the painted surface has dried up, and the smellpaint still in the room, try to wash them with cold water with vinegar or ammonia. After the procedure, airing the room, too, does not hurt.


And the last. After repair, ensure that all containers with paint remaining tightly closed. To be safe, put them in plastic bags, that must be a good tie.

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