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How to reduce the size of the video

How to reduce the size of the video

Video captured by a digital camera or copied from the original DVD or BlueRay-drive always has a fairly large size.

In this form, it is inconvenient to load the Internet, or recorded on media by a transfer method.

However, video size can be reduced with the help of special programs-converters.



Install a computer program to convertvideo. When selected refer to their own needs to work with video. For example, if you are dealing with photography and digital video processing in high volume, then it is better to convert to use paid software solutions. If you reduce the video you require from time to time, download the free software for this purpose. One such program is Any Video Converter. To download it click here http://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/. After installing the program, run it and begin to reduce the video.


Load the video program, whichshould be reduced. To do this, click "Add Video" and enter the path to the desired video in the file manager window. When the download is a summary of this file will be displayed in the program window (name, duration, size and number of frames per second).


Select the uploaded video by clicking a mouse, afterthen set the output file option, the last conversion procedure. On the right side of the main window, set the desired image size, video bitrate and frame rate. In addition to this set similar options for the sound track of the media file. To reduce these video values ​​have to be smaller than the original file. If you want to leave them unchanged, then select another video codec from the drop-down list in the upper right corner of the program. The following list contains video codecs, optimized for viewing on mobile phone screen, the Internet, as well as domestic players. Set the options and selecting a codec find out the estimated target file format, make sure that it will be smaller than the original and start the conversion process.


Select the destination folder, which will be savedreduced video, then click "Encode". After some time in the selected folder video appears smaller. Depending on the selected codec and the new video options may be visually less and less quality or hardly differ from the original file.

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