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How to reduce the noise of the computer?

How to reduce the noise of the computer?

The computer must be cooled. As a consequence - it has enough fans that during rotation generate annoying noise.

There are several ways to reduce its volume.

You will need

  • To carry out cleaning and lubrication of fans need to stock up on a few grams of lubricating oil, a Phillips screwdriver and a fair patience.



Please check the correctness ofsetting the fan speed in BIOS. Often, you can face the fact that the CPU fan is set to a constant rotation at maximum speed, even if the radiator is very cold and the processor is not loaded with work. This excess noise from the rotation, which does not carry absolutely no benefit to your computer. click? Delete When you start your computer ?. Boot BIOS. Look for the parameter? Smart fun control ?. To the fans are not spinning in vain at maximum speed? this option must be turned on (Enabled).


Check the fastening of all unitssystem unit to his body. Tighten the screws hard drives, power supply, the system unit cover. It happens that the loosely secured devices are the source of excessive noise.


If the noise is not lost after adjustment? apparently fans dust thickets, or they do not grease left.
Completely shut down the computer. Remove the left side cover of the system unit. Most often it is necessary to turn the two screws located on the rear panel of the system unit.

Determine the source of the noise? CPU fan or power supply fan makes a basic noise?
In the first case it is possible to do partialdisassembly. Place the system unit on its side. Without removing the fan, tear off the label on the upper part. Apply one or two drops of engine oil on the bearing cooler. Try not to get oil spot sticking labels, or glue it back will be difficult. After that ? affix a sticker to place.
For lubrication of the power supply fan? you must remove it. Unplug it from the computer. Remove the four mounting bolts on the system case. Remove the power supply. Turn away bolts of its cover. Remove it. Now loosen the fan screws. Just as in the case of a processor fan? remove the sticker. If the bearing is covered by a rubber cover? gently remove it. Put a couple of drops of oil. Collect the power supply and connect it to the system unit in the reverse order.

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