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How to reduce the noise characteristics of the computer

Speak louder, my computer is running!

When long you are using a desktop computer,especially for games or special programs, you start all over to hear the noise of his work. The main sources of noise becomes hard drives and active cooling components, ie the fans and coolers.

What you need to consider and what to do if your computer is very noisy?

Usually in modern computers setSeveral fans. One of them is located on the processor, and the other - on the video card (if it supports the cooling system), the third - to cool the hard disk, and a few more - directly on the body and the power unit.

Samimi any biasing memberPC are graphics card and processor. Therefore, they must have the most powerful cooling systems, which are in the process of working is very noisy.

In order to minimize the noise level,can be replaced at low-speed fans, i.e. fans are those that have a speed of about 1000 rpm. Also, if the motherboard is a function of the regulation of the active cooling elements voltage can be supplied with these elements.

Yet one of the most difficult fixesconstant noise sources is a hard drive, or hard drive. It is known that in its design is equipped with two hard disk drives: the head assembly and spindle rotation speed is constant. If the hard disk drive cage has sufficient density, and he is properly installed, the noise from it will not be strong. In addition, the professional hard drive manufacturers offer their creations a very important function, which allows you to control the level of noise. This feature is called Advanced Acoustic Management. The essence of this function is to control the electrical parameters of the drive, which allows you many times to reduce noise. It should be noted that this operation is not recommended to drive with the operating system, as the noise reduction leads to a significant increase in the time to access and find the necessary information.

In general, noise control and its level may alltools that are designed to work with hard drives. For example, in Windows is possible with HDTunePro program. If the program does not help, you can buy a box for the hard drive, which is equipped with racks, Vibration-damping on the hard disk.

As a result, if the computer makes a lot of noise,The above methods can help to solve this problem. In other cases, it is recommended to periodically check the temperature set mode, check the cooling system and change the thermal paste.

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