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How to reduce the load

How to reduce the load

To earn money, you have to work? it's not a secret. But in the pursuit of money is often so we are working, that is not something that does not have enough time to spend with your loved ones? I do not have enough time to do anything except work and sleep.

The work twenty-four hours a day? not an option. Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the load, in order to truly succeed.

It sounds paradoxical, but if a man works all the time, he had no time to be successful.



Make a clear schedule, and not just a day,and schedule of each day during the week. Write down all of the items in your life, as if they are the points of the plan. Analyze it, prioritize and select them in different colors depending on the importance of the priorities for you in principle.


Trim that has almost no for youimportance or has a low importance. Keep only what you need, how about spending time in principle, as well as about the work? is it really you have to perform all the functions that are performing now?
Be clear about what you want to get away from the time that you spend on your family and for yourself, and if you can not get this in the circumstances? change them.


Spend more time with your family andIncrease the rational recreation. If you internally against, remember that They Shoot Horses, and you aim at happiness with his family and loved ones, and are determined to achieve this.

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