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How to reduce the fan speed


Reduce the fan speed in several ways.

Strong fan rotation can be caused by a malfunction or overheating of the CPU, and possibly due to incorrect settings.



The most common cause of hard work the cooler -CPU overheating. The fact is that if the CPU does not receive sufficient cooling, the cooler has to work many times stronger than its usual speed. Usually this is caused by the fact that the CPU for a long time did not impose thermal grease. In order to apply it, you must remove the cooler, carefully remove the old layer of thermal paste and apply a new one. If such experience were not, it is desirable to use the services of a computer specialist.


Sometimes the strong performance of the cooler due to itstechnical unsuitability. The fact is that in terms of the budget office or "assembly" of the computer accessory coolers of very poor quality. Fast failure can be caused by work time, they wear out quickly. To support these coolers need them often enough to clean and lubricate. But it's best to replace them with a more perfect model.


Turns the cooler can be controlled programmatically. For example, with the help of special tools, and sometimes even the BIOS. This is most easily done through the Everest program. In setup mode it is necessary to follow the turns and staying on the right. However, if the cooler is weak, it does not always help, because due to a computer or processor overheating, overloading it will still improve revolutions.


The most effective problem can be solved by replacing. If you set up a new company Zalman cooler, then turns to the problems should not arise. And if any, that such equipment is configurable better than other coolers (especially the cheaper models). It is also recommended to install an additional cooling system for the rear wall, in order to enhance the productive operation of the system and prevent overheating of other components of a computer (other than the processor).

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