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How to reduce the child's fear of doctors and injections

How to reduce the child's fear of doctors and injections

Many parents are faced with a difficult problem, as the child's fear of doctors and injections. That's the way the psychology of children.

But we can reduce this fear to a minimum.

To do this, you must follow a few rules.



To make sure your baby is no longer experiencing stress during a visit to the clinic, follow suit. Recounts to his son or daughter, a doctor will examine them.


Bring a favorite toy - it is also possible to "treat".


Always tell the child what is necessary, responsible and important profession. As doctors save lives. Say they do not want to hurt.


After inoculation never scold your toddler, even if he was crying, but always praise, if you keep a stiff upper lip.


Arriving home, you can play to the hospital - the kids really like to treat dolls. For example, you are in the role of mother, the doll your daughter. Child playing a doctor.


About the upcoming procedure say in advance, but notin a few days, a pipsqueak not experienced and could get used to the idea. We, naedyatsya that everything described here tips to help avoid a large burden on the nervous system of the child and will not be afraid of doctors and injections.

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