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How to reduce a cat and a cat


Allow the animal to get used to the new environment</a>

Cat's offspring? Business serious.

Uncontrolled reproduction can only afford to domestic cats.

The meeting of thoroughbred animals is organized by their owners.



For the first date Cat And the cat must be carefully prepared. Animals should be absolutely healthy. Help from a veterinarian is not required, but you always determine how the cat feels if you are used to watching it closely.

To reduce a half-breed with a thoroughbred cat


There is no single rule regarding the place of the firstMeeting. Discuss this with the owner of the second animal. Who feels more confident in unfamiliar surroundings, he will go on a visit. But more often the cat visits the gentleman, sometimes for several days.

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If you have a cat and you agreed with the ownerA cat that the meeting will be on their territory, do not expect that cats immediately immediately rush to produce offspring. At the first moment it's better if the cat is not in the room you bring Cat. Gently release it and stay a little beside it. Let her get comfortable in a new environment for her. Making sure that the cat feels confident in someone else's apartment and is not nervous, let the cat in, and go out yourself. But to go far is not necessary. It is not known how animals behave. It may very well be that you will have to intervene if a conflict arises between them.

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Seeing that the cat allowed the male to sniffGenitals, leave the animals alone. They should succeed. Then the normal situation develops like this. Pussy lies on her stomach and raises her tail. The cat approaches and hugs? Her front paws. After this, sexual intercourse occurs.

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It is advisable not to abandon the animals without attention. After mating, the cat becomes aggressive, and the partner can receive from her by the first number. This is because the end of the act is unpleasant to the cat, the penis partner when exiting causes it pain. A little calming down, the cat is carefully licked

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Unpleasant sensations Cat Usually do not stop. If everything went well, the animals can repeat the act in a few minutes. Leave Cat For a chevalier of the day for three or even a week. In this case, it is more likely to get offspring.

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