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How to reduce the amount of maintenance

How to reduce the amount of maintenance

In accordance with the Family Code, parentsWe are obliged to maintain their minor children until they come of age, as minors are disabled citizens. The size of salaries can be determined on a voluntary basis, by writing notarized agreement.

If a voluntary agreement could not be concluded, the amount of maintenance determined by the court.

To reduce this amount can conclude notarized voluntary agreement on payment of another amount of funds for the child or the courts.



By law, the maintenance of one childpaid 25% of total income of the payer, for two children - 33% for three or more - 50%. If child support is in arrears, then the debtor may deduct 70% of all revenues until full repayment of the debt.


If you have any difficulties, and youYou want to reduce the amount of maintenance, and a peaceful way to do this is not possible, then file a claim in court with the evidence base upon which you want to pay a lower amount for the child. The size alimony may be reduced after the court decision.


Alimony may be reduced if you born yetOne child or children, since all children of the same parent are entitled to equivalent content. If you pay for one child 25% of the revenue, and you had another child with another family, the percentage of child support for one child fell to 16.5%, since the contents of two children is 33% of total revenues. If you were born two children, reduce the percentage of payments in accordance with the equivalent content of children on the basis of 50% of revenues.


If you have a disability in need of constant care, by court order child support amount can be reduced.


Also amount of maintenance may be reduced if the child is 16 years old, he found capacity or receives significant income from a business or an existing property.


The size Alimony can be reduced if you have toohigh income, and the amount of payments exceeds all reasonable limits. But usually people with huge incomes do not submit a claim to reduce the size of the content of the child.


The court amount of maintenance may be reduced if your content is disabled family members.

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