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Redecorating apartments


The most economical way to repair the apartment - cosmetic. Usually this meant changing the wallpaper, update a floor, ceiling painting.

This repair can accommodate more complex tasks.



From a professional point of view of beautyRepair - it is a visual update the entire room. This type of repair does not apply to utilities, full alignment of the floor. But the replacement of window frames, installation of suspended ceilings and tile work in the repair part.


Any repairs and cosmetic includingIt begins with the release of the repair area. If possible, completely free from the room furniture. Very bulky items are pulled together in the center of the room, hiding impermeable film. If the floor is not scheduled to be repaired, it can also cover with foil or cardboard. Be sure to disconnect the electricity. decorative items should be removed from switches and sockets. Next, masking tape is stuck.


Ceilings and walls are being prepared for the next repairmanner. Removed coatings on the walls if the paint it is removed with a spatula. Lime wash water from the walls. This work is best done carefully, leaving no residue on the surface of whitewash. Wallpaper on the walls is removed by stripping, can be pre-wet the roller.


The painted surfaces of wood should deliverpaint only in cases where the paint cracked. The oil or alkyd paint is removed in two ways. The first - a chemical, the second - thermal. The chemical method is rather expensive and time-consuming. Apply medication, which is popularly called "washes," is kept for some time, then scrape off the paint. Thermal method consists in exposing the paint very hot air jet. Perform this special hairdryers. This method is efficient, but too expensive.


Cooked to repair the walls and ceilingstreated with a primer. Various potholes and cracks are sealed with cement mortar. These areas should be primed again. Then the surface leveled filler, treated with fine sandpaper.


Any repair work is carried out from top to bottom, ie, originally put in order ceiling, then the walls.


When working with the wallpaper you need to pay attention to theirmethod of gluing. The most common wallpaper, which are glued butt joint. Such webs can begin to stick to any corner of the room. It is necessary to carefully read the information on the product with respect to the proper selection and pasting glue. Figure wallpaper should be the same, it pay attention, raskraivaya canvas. For people with little experience, "upholstery" cases, it is better to use a plain color. The extra part of the wallpaper, baseboards remaining in, cut a very sharp knife. Paper wallpaper can not be smoothed with a cloth, it is likely erase the picture. Draught in the room contributes to uneven drying of the adhesive under the wallpaper. And the result - wrong shrinkage joints between sprawling wallpaper, abdominal wall-paper web.

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