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How to dispose of old car

How to dispose of old car

working in our country, "the old car scrapping program" from March 2010.

Participation in the project gives the car owner the opportunity to purchase new trucks at a discount of 50 000 rubles.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that this procedure has certain rules, and the machines exhibited the requirements.

You will need

  • - A computer with access to internetu-
  • - The form of the certificate of utilizatsii-
  • - Power of attorney to transfer sredstv-
  • - 3000 rubles.



You must select an authorized dealer participating in the recycling program. The list of companies eligible for these services, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


The selected dealership need to overtake his old car. Cost to specify that you have a tow truckpay for themselves. Therefore, it is more expedient to choose the auto, close to the location of the machine. You can also come on your own transport (when he drives), if you do not see the point in spending money for the evacuation.


For the procedure to be printed from the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade approved the form of the certificate of disposal.


In the dealer center you have to writepower of attorney. The document gives the right to organize independently to remove your car from the account in the traffic police, sent to a recycling center and get a certificate of fulfillment of the procedure.


Alone proxy enough todealership took over the rights to the machine utilization. It is therefore necessary to sign a contract in which the organization undertakes to implement all the necessary actions.


In drawing up the contract you will have to pay 3000 rubles for the procedure itself dispose of your vehicle.


After confirming the participation of your machine in the program you can choose and reserve your dealer you like new car. Choosing a new car also mustcomply with the requirements applicable to the recycling program. Chief among them is the fact that the purchased vehicles must be carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation.


It remains only to get completely made out a certificate of disposal and you can start to make out a new car.

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