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How to recover usb flash drive

How to recover usb flash drive

When connecting the USB drive to the computer, it does not show up, do not rush to throw it.

Indeed, in most cases, the problem is solved.

Removable media can be restored and to establish his work.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Usb-fleshka-
  • - Program JetFlash Recovery Tool.



JetFlash Recovery Tool - small weight(About 3.5 MB), but a very useful program to recover "broken" flash drives that are "buggy" in the work. Such usb-stick is not determined by the computer, the system does not see them, even after a reboot, with them you can not copy the information or save a new document. If you have one of these signs, look for this utility and install on your computer. The program you will definitely come in handy.


Find the program you can on the internet on sites withsoftware. It is enough to keep the query you are using search engine keyword JetFlash Recovery Tool and go to one or more of the links presented, where necessary utility you will be placed. Download it, unzip the file and run the program.


After that, connect the usb-flash drive to the computer. Wait for a while, to the flash drive could decide. Then, to restore it you will need to click the Start button and wait for the end of the process. After that you should shut down the Exit button. Now you can disconnect the USB flash drive and connect it again to the computer to check, it was possible to solve the problem or not. As practice shows, in most cases with the help of this program, removable media turns to recover in a matter of seconds.

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