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How to repair usb flash drive


How to repair usb flash drive</a>

If you connect the USB flash drive to the computer, it is not detected, do not rush to throw it away.

After all, in most cases, this problem is solved.

A removable storage medium can be restored and its work can be adjusted.

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - usb-flash drive-
  • - JetFlash Recovery Tool.



JetFlash Recovery Tool - small in weight(About 3.5 MB), but a very useful program for the restoration of "broken" flash drives, which "buggy" in the work. Such usb-carriers are not determined by the computer, the system does not see them even after reboot, they can not copy information or save a new document. If you have one of the above features, look for this utility and install it on your computer. This program is sure to come in handy.


You can find the program on the Internet on the sites withSoftware. Just follow the search keyword JetFlash Recovery Tool that you are using and navigate through one or more of the links provided, where you will find the utility you need. Download the application, unzip the archive and run the program.


Then connect the usb-flash drive to the computer. Wait a while, so that the flash drive can determine. Then to restore it you will need to press the Start button and wait for the process to finish. After that, you must exit the Exit button. Now you can unplug the flash drive and connect it again to the computer to check whether the problem was solved or not. As practice shows, in most cases, using this program, removable media can be recovered in a matter of seconds.

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