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How to recover a debt if there is no receipt


How to recover a debt if there is no receipt</a>

To recover a debt issued without a receipt, legalWays you can only turn to law enforcement agencies or to court. All other measures to collect debts are illegal and punishable in accordance with the law.

Do not take any threats, appeals to the collection agency or private detectives, if you do not want to be in the dock.

You will need

  • -information to law enforcement agencies
  • - certificate of refusal to establish a case of fraud
  • - appearance in court
  • -evidence
  • -passport



Unable to negotiate a peaceful return debtA, please apply with the law enforcement authorities. In the application, describe in detail all the circumstances that have arisen, your attempts to return debtA, please enter the amount debtAnd on what terms you gave a loan, the date of return and why debt Was given without a receipt. Provide evidence that the money was transferred to the borrower. Under this statement, law enforcement agencies should work with the borrower. If he does not respond to the methods of processing by law enforcement agencies, then they should start a case on the fact of fraud. If you refuse to open a criminal case? Take a certificate of what you were denied.


Talk to the borrower about the return debtBut again, by including the recorder and putting it in a secluded place, so that the borrower does not know about the record being made.


Apply with the application to the court, indicating the reason for the appeal, the amount debtBut also the date of its return.


Presented record of the conversation with the borrower, about the return debtA, will be sufficient for the evidence base of the fact of the loan.


By the tribunal's decision debt From the borrower will be collected by the executive bodies in a compulsory manner.


Remember that you must apply for a refund debtBut need not later than three years from the date of the loan. After this period of time, the borrower can apply with a counter-application for termination of the case due to the expired limitation period. If your borrower is not familiar with such a rule and does not write a counterclaim, the judicial authorities will not stop the case on their own initiative, only on the borrower's initiative.

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