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How to recover text

How to recover text

Loss of the text of a document or template? a very unpleasant thing.

This can occur for various reasons, most often it is due to a virus that infects many files and MS Word templates.

If you encounter such a situation, try to restore the text you the necessary files.

You will need

  • - Software Recovery Toolbox for word



First of all, you need to download a program called Recovery Toolbox for word. Install the program on your computer and run.


Select the damaged document or template. To do this, start Windows Explorer. To do this, click on the button with the folder icon. In the window you will find filters to search for specific files. It is very convenient in this case, that all that ever selected formats are added to the list of shortcuts. In the future, you can select them by pressing the button with a triangle black. After selecting the file formats the program will give a dialog box asking if you can start scanning. Confirm start of the scan.


After scanning, which maytake a different time, depending on several factors, the program will display all the information that she was able to recover. Look at it carefully and make sure that you get the desired result, and the files you need restored.


Now the information you need to saveon the hard drive. To do this, click the Start Recovery button. The menu will appear, containing two points. When selecting the first (Export to MS Word) Start Word, the document that will contain the text of the recovered file. You can edit this file to keep, in general, to do anything.


When you select the second menu item (Save as plan text), specify the folder and file name. The program will create this file and copy all the necessary data.


After all done operations program displays a report on the produced work, it will contain information about all scanned and restored during this session file.


Of course, it is best if you do notto prevent similar situations. To do this, a quality anti-virus software on your computer equipment, as well as not too lazy to constantly make backup copies of the documents.
Good luck and do not lose your texts!

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