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How to recover a lost TIN


How to recover a lost TIN</a>

In order to feel confident inSociety, a person needs a certain set of documents. Such documents include a passport, a work record card and a certificate of assignment of an individual taxpayer number, in brief - TIN.

It is also very important to know how to restore the TIN in case of loss.

Restoration of TIN by place of residence

To restore a lost TIN you needPay a state fee in any branch of the Savings Bank. The amount of the state duty is 200 rubles, and for an urgent issue of an INN, the state duty is twice as much as the usual duty - 400 rubles. Even if the document was burnt in the fire or stolen, you still have to pay the state fee. The Tax Service does not consider why the document was lost.

Further we address in tax inspection in a placeResidence or location. We provide a passport or temporary registration with a receipt for payment of state duty. Then it is necessary to fill in the application for the re-issue of the TIN (the form is issued by the inspector, the sample, as a rule, lies or hangs in a conspicuous place). After 5-7 days, a new certificate will be ready. His number does not change. With accelerated issuance of a certificate, you can pick up the next day of the inspection. If you do not have a permanent residence permit, then when applying, you can indicate the address where you actually live at the time of application. But then the issued certificate is not subject to free and urgent replacement in case you suddenly change your place of residence or get a permanent residence permit. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, the receipt of the document is better postponed until those times when you will not have any questions with the residence permit.

Restoration of TIN by mail

Before you can restore your TIN by mail, you need toTo visit a notary and to assure him of a photocopy of his passport. Having paid the state duty, it is necessary to make a copy of the payment receipt. Then we go to the site of the Federal Tax Service and fill it with the form "2-2-Accounting". It is necessary to fill in the fields, mentioning their surname, first name and patronymic, passport data or other identification document - birth certificate, residence permit. The filled out application is printed out, we attach to it all the necessary photocopies and send it by registered mail to the address of the tax service at the place of residence via mail.

On the site of the Federal Tax Service, you can not only fill out an application, but keep track of information on the status of processing your application. Also on this site are the following services:
- registration of TIN via the Internet for a child-
- the opportunity to learn your own and another's INN-
- Restoration of own TIN in the mode of online-
- possibility of changing the INN-
- Receiving an INN through the Internet is not at the place of residence.

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