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How to recover lost VAT

How to recover lost VAT

In order to feel confident insociety, a person needs a certain set of documents. These documents include a passport, work book, and certificate of assigning individual tax number, brief - INN.

It is important also to know how to recover VAT in case of loss.

Restoring INN residence

To restore the lost INN necessarypay a state fee in any branch of Sberbank. registration fee size is 200 rubles, and for the immediate issuance of TIN stamp duty twice normal - 400 rubles. Even if the document was burned in a fire or stolen, you still have to pay the state fee. Internal Revenue Service does not consider, for whatever reason, lost the document.

Then we call the tax office at the placeresidence or country. A passport or a temporary registration with the receipt of payment of state duty. Then you need to fill out an application for re-issuance of VAT (Form gives the inspector, the sample usually lies or hangs in a prominent place). After 5-7 days, the new certificate will be ready. His number is not changed. In an accelerated issuance of a certificate can be picked up the next day of inspection. If you do not have permanent residence, then when you apply, you can specify the address to which at the time of submission of the application you actually live. But then the certificate can not be issued for free and immediate replacement in case you suddenly change your place of residence or permanent residence permit obzavedetes. Therefore, if possible, to obtain the document is better to postpone until the time when you will not have problems with registration.

Restoring INN mail

Before you recover VAT in the mail, you need tovisit the notary and to assure him a photocopy of the passport. After paying the state fee, you must make a copy of the payment receipt. Then, go to the website of the Federal Tax Service and fill out a form on it "2-2- Accounting". You must fill in the fields in which their surname, first name and patronymic, passport or other identity document - birth certificate, residence permit. We print out the completed application, apply to him all the copies and send by registered mail to the address of the tax service in the community through the mail.

On the website of the Federal Tax Service, you can not just fill out an application, but to keep track of information about the state of the processing of your application. Also on this site the following services are available:
- VAT registration through the Internet for baby-
- The ability to know your and others' INN-
- Recovery of own VAT number in the online mode
- The ability to change INN-
- A TIN through the Internet is not at his residence.

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